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Claire II - part of the Claire acrylic place cards. 


These waxy acrylic place cards will prove to be alluring to those with an eye for elegant simplicity.


Claire II's wavy pattern make them both trendy and stylish, and make simple but beautiful bonbonniere for guests. 

Made from high-quality, durable acrylic, the clear design of the place cards complements any table setting, allowing them to blend seemlessly in with your decor theme.


Each place card is meticulously hand-written with precision, creating a stunning, personalized touch to your event. Whether it's a wedding, dinner party, or corporate event, the Claire II acrylic place card is certain to leave a positive lastin impression.


Minimum order = 10

Claire II

Ink Colour
  • Acrylic is prone to smudging and fingerprints. To avoid smudges, please wear fabric gloves or hold the edges when unboxing and setting on tables prior to your event.

    As they are delivately hand-written, please avoid scratching to avoid accidentally damaging the portion where the name has been written.

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