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Frequently Asked Questions

HOW Do I Order Custom Engraving?

The process is simple:

1. Post your item to me, or purchase it online and put in my address in the delivery tab.

2. Once your item arrives, you will receive a mock-up/proof prior to it being applied.

3. Once approved, I will customise your item/s.

4. I post it back to you!


If it is a gift, you can pair your engraved item with a complimentary note written in calligraphy.

Below are the pricing guides for your reference. For large/bulk orders (e.g. corporate customisations), please email for a customised quotation.

WHAT Is The Cost For Each Service?

Once you know what service you want, I will give you a custom quotation best tailored to your needs. Pricing guides are available online, and can be sent to you based on the service you require. It is important to note that bulk orders for corporate gatherings will incur different prices based on the size of the order.

For live customisation packages, please email A custom quotation will be created fro combination services and anything outside of what is included in the packages.

WHAT Services Can You Offer Businesses/Brands?

A variety of services are offered to suit your particlaur needs. At the root of these services is a solution for your business to:

1. Enhance clustomer experiences,

2. Build brand recognition in a unique way,

3. Create lasting impressions,

4. Foster relationships with existing stakeholders.

5. Stand out among other brands!

This can be achieved through in-studio customisations and live calligraphy.

In-studio customisations are best suited if you'd like multiple items customised ahead of an event, e.g. bottles/flasks/etc. for a private event.

Live calligraphy is best suited for attracting potential customers/clients at brand activations/product launches, creating engaging experiences at live functions, and promoting customer satisfaction during live shopping experiences/stakeholder events.

Click the link below to enquire about live calligraphy events.

WHAT Areas Do You Service?

For in-studio custmisations, I service worldwide customers and clients..

Being that this business is based in Brisbane, I generally service Brisbane and surrounding regions such as the Sunshine Coast for live customisations.


I am always open to catering to clients Australia-wide. If your activation or event is outside of these regions, and you require me to travel, this can be easily arranged! Please email hello@pamelamutsau to arrange a meeting where we can explore your ideas and needs in more detail.

DO You Only Do Private Events?

Absolutely not!

Although my services are bets suited for boutique event experiences, I cater for both private and corporate events. This goes for both in-studio customisations and live calligraphy.

Examples of private functions: weddings, high-end celebrations, bridal events.

Examples of corporate functions: brand activations, corporate dinners, business fairs, private shopping events, product launches, etc.

Click the link below to enquire about live calligraphy events.

DO You Do Weddings?



I work with a limited amount of brides per year, so it is advised that you book early.

Please click the link below to learn more about services offered for weddings.

If you are a brand interested in using calligraphy for experiential marketing or brand activations, let's work together!

Get in touch by emailing

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